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Mar. 25th, 2014


Tumblr madness

Because ever since I made the mistake of creating one (it seemed so interesting! and Fun! all those pretty pictures! and the fandom stuff!) it's basically eaten all of my internet time, here is my tumblr, in case anyone wants to stop by. And because I'm rarely around LJ anymore.

Be forewarned, though, there's LOTS of fandom-related posts. LOTS. And food, and animals, and the occasional pretty pictures.

Sep. 27th, 2013

castiel side

Help a wonderful person keep her apartment and seek medical treatment.

Hey guys, check this out if you can, there's a very dear friend of mine who could really use some helping out. She's an amazing person in a shitty situation, and if any of you can contribute in helping her keep her place - and consequently, health - it would be awesomely appreciated. I know the economic situation for many is bad, but every little bit helps - and if you can't donate yourselves, you can always help in spreading the word around.

If any of you guys help in any way, you'll have my eternal gratitude. 

Sep. 13th, 2013

castiel ring of fire

Is It Pacific Rim Yet?

Yes, I will complain in all social media until the idiotic distribution companies get me my movie, goddammit!

Apr. 24th, 2013

wraith smiling playful

Game of Thrones re: Theon Greyjoy

To everyone who was so shocked about that guy who said he'd help Theon.



Didn't anyone notice that he told Theon 'Winter is coming'?

That's a saying in the North.

That shoulda clued you in.

not that it isn't fun to read people's reactions...

Mar. 26th, 2013

castiel side

The awesomeness of sinjah

So, the lovely and amazing sinjah spent a week at my place recently, and needless to say, we had an awesome time. She corrupted me with Elementary, and I corrupted her with Walking Dead.

But, most importantly, being the awesome pastry maker that she is, she made one of my dreams come true.

Homemade chocolate cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting.

Just look at that beauty.


Happiness personified.

Jan. 16th, 2013

castiel ring of fire

Wheel of Time

A Memory of Light, the last book of the Wheel or Time series, arrived today.
It's currently sitting on the coffee table, and I glance at it from time to time, because, it's th last book
Tomorrow I'll start reading it like crazy.
And once it's done, I think I'll just cry forever.
I mean, I can't WAIT to see what happens, wit everything I've been waitin so long.
But, this is 12 years of my life we're talking about here. And the only book characters I've ever fallen so hard about and obsessed so much over and drawn fanart of, are the LotR characters.
I won't know what to do with my literary life once I finish it.

Nov. 20th, 2012

Uhura smiling

Love Is For Children

Done with markers, in my ongoing effort to have brighter colours, AND IT ACTUALLY TURNED OUT BRILLIANT.
I am so happy, there are no words.
Also, I love those two so so much. heeee. <3 :D

Agent BBFs

Nov. 17th, 2012

prettiest one here


Guys, guys, guys, sinjah, being the most AWESOME houseguest EVER, made me donuts. Real-life, cinnamon, homemade donuts.

Look how yummy they are:


Nov. 5th, 2012

wraith smiling playful

Loki's Arrival

Loki arrival

uys, seriously, Loki has eaten my brain. I mean, I love all of the characters, but Loki just... idk, I want to slap him and shake him and then hug him and make him better. And lock him in a room with Thor until he admits that he actually *is* his brother and he *does* love him as much as Thor loves him.

But at the same time, he makes such an awesome villain.

Aug. 16th, 2012

castiel ring of fire

(no subject)

Um, guys? Anyone know what the hell is going on with Archive of our Own? Why does an orange-grey page with ads come up whenever I try to access it?

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